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Complete  Call Center


Phone devices

Support any telephone communication scenario so that you can communicate effectively and directly with your customers. Their ease of adaptation and management ensures complete autonomy and makes communication truly flexible .

Call Centers

Choose solutions through a wide range of products, devices, touch screen video phones and android operating systems. A call center includes a set of IP telephones, an IP center, and a voice gateway for connecting to existing telephone lines.

Advantages of the Call Center

Voicemail feature, your voicemail is received as mail and you hear it from wherever you are.

Stay connected with your co-workers wherever they are, communicate with them as if they were in the office

Connects to surveillance cameras, intercoms, remote controls and all your compatible devices

Conference call (a call can be attended by as many interlocutors as we wish in the context of a joint discussion)

Choose devices that suit your aesthetics and your needs.

Combine it with Voip Services and  Your business will take off