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Firewall & Security

and prevent any unauthorized access

Why a Firewall & nbsp; is it necessary?

The hardware firewall is a physical device that is connected to your network while a software firewall is installed on everyone from your computers, phones or tablets.


A big responsibility of a firewall is to monitor the traffic that passes through it. Whatever information travels through a network is in the form of packets. Firewall inspects each of these packages for any dangerous threats. If there is a chance that the firewall will find them, it will block them immediately.


Hackers on the Internet are constantly looking for computers to carry out their illegal activities. When hackers happen to find such computers, they will even start doing malicious activities such as spreading viruses. In addition to these hackers there may be strangers, such as neighbors looking for an open internet connection.


Firewalls come with an access policy that can be applied to specific servers and services. Some hosts can be exploited with attackers. So it is best to block such servers from accessing the system.


Privacy is one of the most important concerns of a user. Hackers are constantly looking for privacy information to get information about the user. But using a firewall many of the services offered by a site like domain name service can be blocked. Therefore, hackers have no chance of obtaining privacy details.

How do they work & nbsp; firewalls?

They often have additional security systems built in, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion prevention and detection systems (IPS / IDS), management authentication, application control, and web filtering.

Protect networks and computers from potentially dangerous malicious intrusion (also called black-hat) hackers, as well as attacks that will allow them to take control of the devices and use them for malicious purposes.

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