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Internet  telephony

Integrated VoIP telephony services for your business.

What is Voip Telephony?

VoIP Telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the most  modern method of telephone communication..
The difference with traditional telephony is that voice transmission is achieved via the Internet, without any geographical restrictions on its use.

Telephony through VoIP technologies has many advantages and in combination with the innovative service families developed by Novelcomm for you, offers new, very interesting  communication possibilities.

Time to change your relationship with the internet!

Choose what suits your needs

Novelcomm Voip 500

9 the month
  • Package type: Speech
  • Free talk time: 500'
  • Incoming Outgoing Channels: 2
  • Duration: 30 days

Novelcomm Voip 1500

25 the month
  • Package type: Speech
  • Free talk time: 1500'
  • Incoming Outgoing Channels: 2
  • Duration: 30 days

VoIP Telephone Connection

36 per year
  • Amount of Numbers: 1st
  • Free airtime: 20 €
  • Incoming Outgoing Channels: 2
  • Duration: 365 days


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The Advantages of VoIP Telephony

Freedom and Flexibility

VoIP telephony works where there is internet. So its use has no geographical restrictions

Digital facilities

VoIP telephony offers you a host of free digital facilities that conventional telephony is unable to implement

Economic Solutions

VoIP offers you the lowest charges in the field of telephony because the internet eliminates distances, and allows you to communicate without limit.

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