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Switching Services

The Service of Switching & Routing

Routing and switching are the basic functions of network communication. … The function of Switching is to switch data packets between devices on the same network (LAN – Local Area Network). Its function (Routing) is to route packets between different networks.

Our certified technicians can  help you in many ways like :

• Consulting and infrastructure design

• Installation and customization based on network equipment needs.

• Advanced configuration services (QoS, HA, load balancing, link collection, etc.) ).

• OSPF Routing Protocols, BGP, RIP, MPLS, VPLS and Traffic Eng.

• WAN connectivity via leased line, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), FIBER, DIAS.

• Design, supply and installation of Internal Links.

• Design, installation and configuration of Local Network.

• Delivery and integration of switches and routers.

With High tech  materials and accessories




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